Making a Github Pages Website

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Making a Project Page

What Github Does

Github will host a webpage for any of your projects. It looks for a branch named gh_pages to find files for a website. If you know how to make a website and just want to put the files somewhere for github to host them, make a branch for your project called gh_pages and push your website files to that branch. Then go to and you will get your webpage.

Using Github to Make a Webpage

To automatically generate a webpage:

Linking to a markdown file

If you have a markdown file for, say, one of the project writeups and you want to link to it, you can put a copy of it in the gh_pages branch of your repository (from terminal on your computer) and push it to github. You can then link to that file from your main page using markdown syntax [words that appear](filename) to make a link to that file. To make this markdown file appear formatted like the homepage, you need to follow these setup instructions to setup jekyll. Also, when viewing markdown files as webpages, you can put html into your markdown files and they will be formatted correctly. For example, this is colored using html.


In order for the markdown file to appear formatted correctly, you need to put this:


at the top of the markdown file

Making a Personal Page

Github will host a webpage for you independet of specific projects on

Setup Webpage:

Hosting Webpage on Custom Domain

github has instructions here for hosting your github webpage on a different domain