Rocco DiVerdi

Project Overview

Modulair Project

This project started through Olin’s Senior Capstione Program in Engineering (SCOPE), where companies sponser a full year project which 4-6 students work on in a full-year class. In this case, Aerodyne Research sponsered a project to redesign thier ARISense system to be smaller, less expensive, and entirely mobile. The SCOPE team ended the year with a nearly complete sensor with an entirely new mechanical and electrical design. To continue the project, another student and I were hired for the summer (2017). We continued work on the software to extend the capabilities of the sensor and bring it closer to a professional quality product. In addition, we completely redesigned the mechanical system.

Mechanical Redesign

In order to make a robust, weatherproof sensor, we decided to redesign the system to fit in a NEMA box. This design fits four electrochemical sensor cells in a 6.6x4.6x4.3 inch box along with enough battery to last 16 hours. The electrical design from the SCOPE team fit most of the electrical functionality in an extremely compact core board, which allowed the system to fit in this small box.

inside the box

Data Collection

In addition to the drone-based data collecion, we also mounted the sensor to a bike and collected data on a ride from downtown Boston to Olin.

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